Commercialization Office

Office of commercialization - an element of intellectual and innovation cluster, designed for the administrative support of scientific and technological projects of scientists and inventors "Nazarbayev University", which have commercial potential. The purpose of unit is to remove of the finished development and patentable ideas to the market, both domestic and foreign, through the creation of small innovative enterprises, the transfer of rights to ownership of intellectual property to the third parties, as well as the transfer of innovative technologies.


Projects administered by the Office of commercialization, have different sectoral focus and respective areas of competences, which are developed in the "Nazarbayev University": biotechnology, energy, new materials, robotics, information technology, etc.


Система коммерциализацииСиситема_коммерциализации

The functions of the Office of commercialization:

  • selection of projects with a high patentability and potential of market success;
  • organization of peer review (both within the country and abroad);
  • Administration of projects approved for funding;
  • monitoring the implementation of projects;
  • conclusion of license agreements;
  • support for the protection of intellectual property - a preliminary patent search on the proposed idea, design and supply of materials application for the security document. At the moment, filed 49 patent applications and three applications for registration of copyright, it has received 24 patents and 3 certificates of registration of copyrights;
  • the distribution of income from the sale of intellectual property rights in accordance with the policy of "Nazarbayev University" in this field;
  • assistance in attracting external funding sources, including in the framework of grant funding;

Portfolio of the Office of commercialization:

профинансированные проекты

Portfolio of the Office of Commercialization


Current projects:

  1. The commercialization of optic fiber sensor of temperature for measuring the thermal ablation of cancer tumors (optic fiber temperature sensor).
  2. Development of technology to accelerate growth and increase the "productivity" of crops using microbial cultures obtained by the simplified technology. Development of technology for pre-treatment of seeds on the basis of the Kazakh diatomite and study its effect on plant growth.
  3. The mass production of heterologous dressings for the treatment of burns and wounds.


Finished projects:

  1. The development of synthetic paper for repeated use;
  2. Intelligent voice system for the Kazakh language;
  3. Preparation of hydrophobic materials with the structure of "core-shell";
  4. Scanning Probe nano tomography - 3D AFM for soft materials;
  5. The medical device on the basis of honeycomb carbon adsorbents for extracorporeal blood filtration;
  6. High capacitive eco-friendly battery to connect renewable energy sources to energy systems and electric vehicles;
  7. Improved manipulation of objects with the use of multi-functional robot arm for intelligent industrial automation;
  8. Creation of a laboratory for providing peptide synthesis services;
  9. Solar water lift for remote areas of Kazakhstan;
  10. The acquisition of basic technology platform for DNA synthesis laboratory in "Nazarbayev University";
  11. Pilot production of flat solar collectors;
  12. A new generation of online advertising;
  13. Development of experimental-industrial regulations obtaining dry ferment probiotic Fermented beverages;
  14. Shop online training courses.


Daniyar Zhumagulov, Director – 8 (7172) 70-61-27

Aliya Madiyarova, IP Manager – 8 (7172) 70-47-90

Aya Shayakhmetova, Manager – 8 (7172) 70-62-72

Venera Tlemissova, Manager – 8 (7172) 70-94-05