The Ecological Laboratory Complex of “Nazarbayev University”. The Biospheric Center in Borovoye.

   The ecological laboratory will be concentrated on biosphere researches therefore not incidentally for the complex construction was chosen the resort zone Borovoye. The unique natural landscape represents the ideal place for the inspiration, rest and carrying out scientific research. There Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, the outstanding scientist brought to conclusion the book "Chemical Structure of the Earth Biosphere and Its Environment" during the period from 1941 to 1943 which became the synthesis of all his works in this field.

According to the experts, from 60th years of the last century water level in Borovoye reservoirs has dropped by three meters. Therefore scientific laboratories will be engaged in monitoring and the problem analysis, and also the prerogative task will be given to lakes shallowing solution.

During the complex construction it will be applied only environmentally friendly materials. The land relief won't be subject to technogenic and other anthropological influences. At the same time the use of alternative power-engineering at which specialists ‘researches of future laboratory are also aimed will allow to reach harmony with nature. According to the international experience, world leading universities have similar laboratories which are situated in a natural environment, in the terrain with the minimum industrial load of the environment. For example, it is “Mauna Loa”, solar observatory in Hawaii. Also similar “scientific testing grounds” are included into research divisions structure of the leading energy companies of the world such as “Shell” (USA), “Total” (France), “Statoil” (Norway) and others.

биосферный центр в Боровом
The ecological complex at Borovoye will include about 30 laboratories, scientific campuses, the platform for observatory about 20 hectares, the Nature museum of the, hotel for guests and employees.


The Cross-disciplinary Hydroecological Center: •

  • Hydrological Monitoring Laboratory;
  • Hydrogeological Monitoring Laboratory;
  • GIS-Technologies and Remote Mapping Laboratory.
  1. Laboratory of Botany and Biotools;
  2. Laboratory of Pure Power and Smart Networks;
  3. Renewable Power Ground;
  4. Center of Environment Monitoring and Biological Diversity Preservation:
  • Soiling Laboratory;
  • Complex Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Monitoring;
  • Ecological Microbiology Laboratory;
  • General Ecology Laboratory;
  • General Ecology Laboratory;
  • Mobile Laboratory
  1. Center of Informatics
  2. Green Chemistry Laboratory