Technical Service (TS), Research and Development Department (RDD)

The Technical service, Research and Development Department are structural divisions of PF "NURIS" and they ensure the fail-safe operation of all research and educational laboratories’ complex at “Nazarbayev University”.

The direct functions of TS and RDD  are:

  • Installation, installation and service of scientific, educational and processing equipment and systems, interaction exercising with the specialized service organizations;
  • Realization of works on repair and details production, separate nodes, experimental installations, prototypes and the existing equipment upgrading. There passes a practical training for technical specialties students based on the mechanical shop, and also competitions are held in such disciplines as “Welding” and “Work on the processing machines”;
  • Fulfillment of works on design and the industrial designs’ project modeling, and also rendering the methodical and practical help during the creation of prototypes’ technological part;
  • Participation in specifications and design decisions’ development for new laboratories, buildings and constructions, including such special rooms as “Pure laboratories”, chemical and biological laboratories of the BSL1 and BSL2 levels, the Vivarium, laboratories of high energy, etc.;
  • Electric equipment service and mounting, gas supply systems, cooling and conditioning. In the work of laboratories there are about 30 types of gas are used including posing a threat. There is launched the air-separating unit for receiving pure oxygen (99,5%) and especially pure nitrogen (99,9999%) in gaseous statuses at “Nazarbayev University” .Thereby, cryogenic installations and instruments’ functioning is ensured.
  • Interaction with the state regulatory agencies and specialized services (HIS, Fire Service, and others.), Including the issues on receiving of licensing documents on the institution areas;
  • Control over compliance with technological discipline, rules and regulations on professional health and safety.

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