Research Support Office was set up by the decision of the Executive Council of the Nazarbayev University (hereinafter - NU) as of December 28, 2011 in accordance with the recommendations of the NU strategic partners to create and develop systems of research management, grants administration and external peer review as well as infrastructure to support research activities of NU faculty members. The main objectives of the Research Support Office at this stage of development are as follows:

1) providing consulting, organizational and other support to NU faculty members in the process of preparation, submission and evaluation of research proposals and post-award management, funding and monitoring of their research projects;

2) providing administrative, organizational and technical support in implementation of research projects to NU faculty memebers and PI "Nazarbayev University Researcha and Innovation" stuff; 3) arranging international peer review of research proposals submitted by NU Schools and Research Centers;

4) preparation of analytical materials, presentations and information on science, management system development and promotion of research to NU PI ''NURIS''.

A research office in world’s research intensive universities is responsible to work with potential grant givers and research funding agencies, conduct negotiations and signing grant agreements, provide pre-award and post-award management assistance. Research Support Office administers research activity at NU and assists in implementation of research projects of NU faculty members, including purchasing goods (equipment, consumables, software, etc), works and services necessary for research projects. Currently, the Research Support Office also assists NU faculty members in implementation of projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Research Support Office participated in drafting and/or approval of important internal legal documents related to research: the Bylaws of the Research Council, its committees, the Policies and Procedures of the Research Council, the Rules of Internal Grant Funding of Scientific Activities.