PF “NURIS” starts with Office of Shared Research Facilities (OSRF) functioning in the test mode. The main task of the university is to provide to university staff with the equal access to the unique analytical equipment and the qualified service. The decision on OSRF creation was made by “Nazarbayev University” Scientific Council for scientific research and innovative activities supporting, and as well as appropriate use of high-tech devices. At the moment, they settle down in separate laboratories and for most of the part they are used only by a certain range of researchers and professors.


Laboratory facilities:

  1. Nuclear-magnetic-resonance Spectrometer ( NMR);
  2. X-ray Fluorescent Spectrometer ( XRF);
  3. Gas Chromatograph with Mass-spectrometric Detector ( GC-MS);
  4. Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph ( UHPLC);
  5. Ion Chromatograph (ИХ / IC);
  6. Gas Chromatograph with Fire Ionization Detector ( GC with FID).

These devices are one of the most up-to-date and allow researchers to carry out a big range of various analyses, and not only for needs of University, but also for scientific, commercial and other organizations. Only a few laboratories throughout Kazakhstan are provided with such equipment.

Today, over 600 analyses are carried out, OSRF web-site and online reservation system of the facilities are run in the test mode. The certain operator who underwent complete training is assigned to each of facilities and will attend advanced training courses and further.

To reserve date and usage time of the facilities, it is necessary to be registered in “Qreserve” system online, for the user convenience on the website it can be found step-by-step video instruction: