Project goal: Project on nanofluidics will develop new technology for water desalination, which is a strategic goal of Kazakhstan. A new generation of advanced membranes for water desalination will be created. It will be more efficient, less harmful for the environment, and will have less energy consumption.

Preliminary work: This work is based on two patents of US Argonne National Laboratory and 2 patents obtained in the Nazarbayev University. Much groundwork has been done for the creation of brand new principle of amplification of surface acoustic waves.

EXPECTED RESULTS: A new generation of membranes for water desalination will be created.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY: A new generation of membranes has several advantages: It has less power consumption It allows to create long-lasting batteries Powerful solar plants with an efficiency of 42% (currently only 16% of captured solar energy is converted to electricity). The membranes will save energy when processing natural gas, and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide emissions of thermal power stations and car exhausts. Participants of the project: Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation Systems (NURIS).

Project leader: Zinetula Insepov