EXPO Department is a structural subdivision of “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” Private Institution (NURIS), responsible for developing the content of the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition in close cooperation with the Astana EXPO-2017 National Company (Astana EXPO-2017).

EXPO Department provides support for Astana EXPO-2017 in two directions:

1. Development of the content of Energy Best Practices Area (eBPa);

2. Organization of two thematic conferences in 2015 and 2016 and the Future Energy Forum in 2017 with the specific focus on developing subject matter and scope.

Both through physical infrastructure, as well as the messages it conveys, Future Energy promotes the adoption, implementation and use of the best energy practices for sustainable development. Future Energy covers a wide range of topics relating to the future of energy resources and taps into growing global interest in both combating climate change and ensuring sustainable development.

Future Energy also raises awareness regarding energy as an inherent asset of humanity that should be used responsibly and efficiently.

eBPa is a symbolic center of Astana EXPO-2017, demonstrating the best technologies, proposals and strategies in different areas of sustainable energy: energy production, storage and use, combatting climate change, and providing access to energy in developing countries.

The Future Energy Forum, one of the main features of Astana EXPO-2017, will take place throughout the duration of the Exhibition.

The Forum will serve as a high-level, multilateral international platform for the debate on the future of energy.