Expo Department

Expo Department is a structural unit of the NC «NURIS», which is responsible for maintenance of thematic events in preparation for the international exhibition EXPO-2017. The department works in close cooperation with JSC "NC "Astana EXPO-2017".

The result of the extensive work of the Department has been the success conduction of the two forums "Energy of the Future" in the pre-exhibition period. One of them is "Struggle against climate change and the energy of the future", which was held in December 2015 in Paris. The second is "Energy for All", in September 2016 in Astana. Specialists of the department fully developed the concept and content of activities and provided information and logistical support. Actual questions, posed to the participants, also formed the basis for the main theme of the international forum "The Future of Energy". It will take place throughout the period of the Expo 2017 (from June, 10 to September, 10, 2016). For more information visit online www.futureenergyforum.org

Another important task, which was well-managed by the Department, was the organization of the contest of projects for the exhibition pavilion "Energy Best Practices Area” (EBPA). The department worked closely with the International Selection Committee and the Working Group of experts. According to numerous stages and discussions 22 participants were selected who shows their achievements at EXPO-2017.

FORUM "Energy of the Future: the struggle against climate change"

(Paris, 2015)

The international community joins forces to address global energy challenges. It reiterated the forum "Energy of the Future: the fight against climate change", which was held in December 2015 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. It attracted international experts in the field of profile, influential politicians and heads of enterprises and multinational companies, major international organizations, as well as Nobel Prize winners and other eminent scientists and economists. Forum was organized by Nazarbayev University, in cooperation with JSC "NC "Astana EXPO-2017" with the support of the Kazakh Embassy in France and permanent representative of Kazakhstan to UNESCO.

Participants shared information on recent significant developments in the field of energy efficiency, and presented research and development in clean energy. The Forum has become a unique platform for discussions, both formal and non-formal, thereby facilitating the exchange of experience and knowledge.

Valuable ideas and recommendations proposed by the experts identified topics of the next event as well as the content of one of the main pavilions of Expo 2017 - "Energy Best Practices Area”. They will also be taken into account when drawing up the program of the main forum "Energy of the Future", which will be held at the international exhibition in 2017.


FORUM "Energy of the Future: Energy for All"

(Astana, 2016)

Kazakhstan stands for energy, which will be available to all. This position was announced at the last thematic forum pre-exhibition period, which took place in September 2016 in Astana.

Many people suffer from lack of access to cheap, clean energy, and environmental degradation. Topic defines universal access to energy as a main task to ensure basic human rights and needs. The transition to a new energy model must be technically feasible, even for developing countries, as well as fairly distributed and stable.

Forum "Energy of the Future: Energy for All" again brought together leading experts, policy makers, scientists, Nobel laureates and top managers of multinational corporations for a substantive dialogue and find a solution to the overall problem.

It is the best time to stop and look closely at the relationship of humanity to the consumption of energy resources.


The selection of applications in the "Energy Best Practices Area”

of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017

"Energy Best Practices Area”. - is one of the main pavilions of  Expo 2017, which will feature the best technology, projects and strategies in various fields of sustainable energy: production, conservation and use of power, struggle against climate change and access to energy in developing countries.

On December 10, 2015, in Paris was held the first the constituent meeting of the International Selection Committee (ISC) "Energy Best Practices Area”, on which reviewed organizational issues, approved the regulations and proposed the creation of a Working Group. Later it included thirteen independent international experts in the field of energy, which have been proposed by the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC). Deadline was officially announced February 2, 2016.

EXPO Department of  NC «NURIS» carried out the functions of the Secretariat of the ISC: to accept applications for participation, to check them for compliance with the formal requirements and sent to the Working Group for further consideration. In total, from  July 31, 2016  133 applications from 30 countries were received.

The Working Group assessed on the basis of four criteria, in accordance with the approved conditions of participation and selection procedure. As a result, members of the IOC 64 applications were sent, have reached a threshold of 60% (3 out of 5 points).

September 15, 2016 was held the final meeting of the International Selection Committee. ISC members have agreed that the selected application must represent a broad geographical coverage, a variety of subject areas, as well as technical solutions. In the end, after lengthy discussion, 22 finalists were chosen to be presented in the pavilion ""Energy Best Practices Area”.

More information and a list of the finalists are available on the official website: www.ebpa2017.org

Международная Отборочная Комиссия Зоны Лучших Практик (eBPa)

10 декабря 2016 года в Виктория Палас Отеле в Париже, Франция состоялось первое заседание Международной Отборочной Комиссии Зоны Лучших Практик (eBPa). На заседании присутствовали Қ. Байғарин, А. Бингер, Ш. Катсу, Ю. Коике, Ф. Пфлюгер, Р. Рамеш, М. ван дер Ховен, В. Лоссерталес, а также представители Национальной Компании «Астана ЭКСПО-2017» и Назарбаев Университета.