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Thermo Fisher Scientific – стратегический партнер автономной организации образования «Назарбаев Университет» по оснащению учебных и научных лабораторий. Один из мировых лидеров в области производства оборудования и расходных материалов для лабораторий Химии и Биологии. http://www.thermofisher.com/


Waldner – стратегический партнер автономной организации образования «Назарбаев Университет» по оснащению учебных и научных лабораторий. Один из мировых лидеров в области производства лабораторной мебели.http://www.waldner.de/


Carl Zeiss AG – стратегический партнер автономной организации образования «Назарбаев Университет» по оснащению учебных и научных лабораторий. Один из мировых лидеров в области производства оптических и электронных микроскопов. http://www.zeiss.com/

экспо лого

АО «Национальная компания «Астана ЭКСПО-2017»

В рамках развития тематики «Энергия Будущего» и подготовки к Международной специализированной выставке ЭКСПО-2017, NURIS сотрудничает с АО «Национальная компания Астана ЭКСПО-2017» по двум направлениям:

  •  формирование содержания павильона Зоны Лучших        Практик (Energy Best Practices Area, eBPa);
  •  разработке программы мероприятий, которые будут    проходить в рамках Форума «Энергия будущего».

NURIS осуществил необходимую подготовительную работу по павильону Зоны Лучших Практик, в рамках которой были подготовлены условия участия и критерии отбора, сформирована Международная отборочная комиссии (МОК). Прием заявок на участие в павильоне Зоны Лучших Практик осуществляется через вебсайт www.ebpa2017.org.

Также в 2015 г. NURIS разработал проекты концепций тематических конференций (2015 и 2016 гг.) и Форума «Энергия будущего» 2017 г. На основании предложенной концепции, тематическая конференция 2015 г. под темой «Энергия будущего и борьба с изменением климата» была успешно проведена 9 декабря 2015 г. в г. Париже (Франция) в здании головного офиса ЮНЕСКО.

Международный научно-технический центр

В рамках развития тематики «Энергия Будущего» и подготовки к Международной специализированной выставке ЭКСПО-2017, между NURIS и Международным научно-техническим центром (МНТЦ) был заключен Меморандум о сотрудничестве. МНТЦ оказывает поддержку в распространении информации, определении успешных проектов/технологий, привлечении докладчиков и экспертов к участию в совместных мероприятиях.

Картинки по запросу BG logo


The Сompany "BG International Limited" for many years (from February 15, 2016 is an affiliated company of concern "Royal Dutch Shell") has been a partner of the NC «NURIS”. On October 28, 2011 between them was signed an agreement on sponsorship, in the framework of which the 3 main projects are implemented:

Scientific Library: Library + coworking

For events such as presentations of research, meetings with partners and investors, negotiations, "round tables", various meetings and sessions is perfect place - Research Library, which is located in block number 9 (office 9151). It is publicly available for students and staff of the institution.

The library is divided into several sectors and can be used as coworking. In the hall, equipped with a round table, office chairs, work computer or other office equipment, can hold various meetings and negotiations. "Soft Zone" - with comfortable seating, computers and a projector is perfect for presentations and informal meetings. This same space can be used by lovers of solitude. Additionally equipped with a kitchen area, in which there are a coffee machine and other needed accessories, as well as round tables and sofas. Here visitors can make tea, coffee or warm up their meal. Users should have an ID-card with customized access to the coffee machine.

In the library textbooks, collections of articles and publications, scientific and business magazines of domestic and foreign publishers are stored. Each year, the fund is updated with new books, based on the wishes of the university scientists.

To register for temporary use of literature is necessary to apply to the project manager. For booking the room you must call number 70-92-91 or fill in the table on the following link:



  1. Chair of energy research: the active support of NU researchers!

Any invention or research, even the most brilliant, will not be valuable if they do not find practical application. The purpose of "Chair of energy research" is precisely to support and implement the scientific, educational and innovative projects. Under this program, scientific and organizational conference-seminar (SOCS) is carried out, which evaluated the results of research activities of autonomous institutions of "Nazarbayev University" and accepted decision about their commercialization.  Also projects of individual employees taken to research.

Now, in the implementation stage is the actual project "Development, design and construction of energy efficient homes."  It will serve as a prototype for similar buildings in rural areas, the experimental room for laboratory testing of materials on thermal stability, heat transfer and hydrothermal characteristics. Power supply energy-efficient pilot house will be expensed by alternative energy sources, namely by wind turbine 5 kW - 2 units, wind pump - 1 units, solar panels of 250 watts. . Heating of the complex will be produced by geothermal heat pumps. Engineering system: energy efficient heat supply and heating, ventilation with heat recovery, energy efficient lighting, automation and control system parameters of indoor air, energy consumption, as well as its optimization. Climate laboratory will experience the thermal performance of building materials and structures, simulating the conditions of the interior with a temperature of up to + 24 ° C, as well as external environmental conditions with temperatures up to -40 ° C. Moreover, there is the possibility of simultaneous testing of samples under laboratory and field conditions.

Financial support was also provided to the following projects: "The integration, automation and management of renewable energy sources", "energy saving and increasing of energy efficiency", "Research in the field of water resources and the environment: measurement and modeling of the water balance of lakes of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area." Participation of employees in trainings, international conferences, round tables and workshops have been organized and also provided funds for the publication of scientific articles.

"Chair of energy research" is implementing innovative projects in other areas. With the sponsorship of the program of acceleration was held to support start-ups "ABC Quick start", where projects were presented in the following areas: IT & mobile, social innovation, infrastructure and a cleantech, educational technology, biomedicine, FinTech. In the final, the jury, which included representatives of "Shell Kazakhstan BV" company, business angels, analysts and managers of venture capital funds, selected the best business projects and provided start-up companies to grant funding to enable them to develop further and come out with their product on the market.


  1. BG scholarship: Investment in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

"BG scholarship" is scholarship program, which has been operating since 2012 in the framework of the Agreement between NC "NURIS» and company "BG International Limited". Every year, two employees of the autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev University" provides an opportunity to study for master's program at accredited institutions of Great Britain.

Scholarships are allocated in the following areas:

- Renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, clean energy technologies, electric power and other (1st place);

- Multidisciplinary specialty: equipment and technologies (including computer), engineering, mathematics, basic sciences (1st place).

The scholarship covers the cost of training, food, accommodation, visa fee and transportation.





The list of scholarship holders BG Scholarship:

2012-2013 - Sabitova Aizhan (University of Cambridge, Mphil in Physics); Bermukhambetova Akmaral (The University of Warwick, MSc in Energy and Power Electronic Systems).

2013-2014 - Muratov Farkhat (The University of Nottingham, MSc in Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy); Demeuova Gulzat (The University of Leeds, MSc in Chemical Engineering).

2014-2015 - Kakpenova Aynur (The University of Warwick, MSc in Medical Science); Shamshimov Gabiden (University of Southampton, MSc in Energy and Sustainability with Electrical Power Engineering).

2015-2016 - Arthur Saudabayev (The University of Edinburgh, MSc in Informatics); Dana Sharipova (Queen's University Belfast, MSc in Electronics).

2016-2017 - Kusataeva Alia, (University of Southampton, MSc in Sus Energy Tech); Tazhigalieva Nazgul (The University of Edinburgh, MSc in Artificial Intelligence).


For more information on the project "Chair of energy research", the conditions of the scholarship program "BG scholarship", as well as applications for the activities in the room "Scientific Library", please refer to the project manager by number - 70 92 91